6 Web Design Techniques For Online Content Marketers

As a content marketer, you should ensure that your website assists in building your brand as well as promoting your business strategy. Here are some website design techniques you might want to use.

Responsive web design (RWD)

With the development of mobile telephone technology, the use of responsive web design has become a central part of online marketing strategies. It is at the center of online content marketing. With it, you simply write your content and publish it once. However, what you see on different devices is not the same. As the type and size of device changes, the content layout also changes in response. You must, therefore, use RWD to optimize your website for devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops.

Maintain consistency

Elements such as colour, layout or font should be kept fairly consistent on your website. Also, ensure your site has a good flow from one page to another. Maintain consistency by having the same font, colour and layout structure throughout your site. This ensures that viewers don’t get lost while going through the pages.

Pay attention to your images

As an online content marketer, you need to know exactly what people visiting your website are looking for. Give them a realistic view of the product by providing photographs that tell a story and describe the personality of the product. Your images must portray a meaning as they generate subconscious messages among your audience.

Also, ensure the images you use are presented in responsive layouts that serve various image sizes of different resolutions. For smaller screens, use smaller mobile-optimized images while for larger screens, go for higher-resolution images.

Responsive data tables

You might already know that working with data tables can be problematic. By zooming out, you can be able to see the whole table. However, to see the data in the table, you may have to scroll vertically and horizontally. To make the table readable, you may need to reformat it or make a pie chart based on the data. Alternatively, you may want to adapt the table into an effective mini-graphic, which is right for narrower screens.

Navigation system

The visitors to your site will want to be engaged by searching through your website for their preferences. As an online content marketer, you need to make it easier for the visitors to your site to find the information they want. Otherwise, they will just lose interest and leave. So, work to make your navigation system both intuitive and self-explanatory. Have a visible search box in which visitors can type in keywords. Also, make sure you include links with clearly mentioned and explained destinations on your website.

Writing style

You can’t write your web content the same way you would write for print media. Any writing you do must be according to users’ browsing habits and preferences. The language should be objective and nothing promotional. Don’t use long text blocks without images and keywords. Provide crisp and concise content that is focussed on the business you are trying to sell. Categorize your content, use visual elements and bulleted list to break the monotony of uniform text.

Well, there you have it! Does your website make use of these simple techniques?

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