7 Ways To Increase Sales On Your Website

Is your website helping you increase sales? Well, with the following 7 simple tips, you will get more hits on the products on your website than you can imagine.

Offer fewer products

As much as you want to maximize space by offering many products, this may not necessarily result in improved sales. Offering fewer products in one place, with more information on them is more likely to translate into higher sales. Avoid trying to please all the visitors to your website. Online sales are all about focus. Offering one product or one set of related products with key benefits enumerated and all possible questions answered is the way to go.

Reposition your opt-in offer

Where you position your tool for gathering your customer’s email addresses really matters. It can determine how many subscribers you attract. Place your opt-in offer in a prominent position of your homepage, such as the top left of the page. That’s where visitor’s eyes are drawn first. At that position, you are likely to get so large a number of email addresses that your mailing list will never run dry.

Add impact to your promotions with pop-up ads

As annoying as pop-up pages on a website are, they are a very important online marketing tool. Design your pop-ups in such a way that they are more of opt-ins calling people to action. Also, avoid making your pop-ups look like spam by designing them just the same way as your website. Keeping them small, concise, and relevant is sure to work for you better than cramped up ones.

Headlines with different benefits

The headline you use will have a huge impact on your sales. Visitors to your site first notice the headline so it must be as attention-grabbing as possible. In your headline, highlight a problem your audience faces and stress how your product is going to solve this problem.

Establish a problem and show how to solve it

Go into more detail about the headlined problem in the first few paragraphs of the copy on your page. This shows your audience that you relate to them and that you can solve their problems. Once you have established the problem, introduce your product or service as the solution to the problem. Emphasize exactly how your product or service will solve your reader’s problem and you will boost your sales.

Credible copy

Your sales copy should help you establish your credibility. Make the visitors to your site trust you enough to want to buy from you. Include customer testimonials in your sales mail. Use excerpts from genuine emails or letters from customers expressing how your product or service helped solve their particular problems. Also, enhance credibility by adding your credentials, experience, and any background information to your copy. Show that you are qualified to solve the problem. Aim to convince customers that you are the best person to offer them a solution to their problem.

Focus only on your visitors

For your sales copy to succeed, it must focus on the reader. Never neglect this golden rule. So, write your sales copy using words such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ to make it more customer focussed.

More importantly compel your audience to buy now by offering a time-limited price discount, free bonuses or a limited quantity bonus.

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